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17 Item(s)

In the industrial setting, clarifiers are among the most important unit processes. They make sure solid particles and suspended solids are properly deposited during the sedimentation part of the water purificationprocess. Apart from the clarifier drives, one of the most important parts of this large-scale settling tank is the clarifier skimmer. 

The mechanical apparatus skims the surface of the settling tank, removing concentrated impurities while the rake arms are moving settled solids to the bottom of the tank where they will be discharged as sludge. 

Due to the nature of the solids within the clarifier tank,skimmers can  get damaged or worn down. Losing even one clarifier skimmer would actually impede this part of the water treatment process, and causing more work for the operators. 

At AshtonTucker, we supply a complete selection of clarifier skimmers, ranging from standard two-foot skimmers to larger six-foot variants for larger settling tanks. Each of our components is professionally engineered to  make sure solids and other hazardous products are completely separated and disposed of properly. 

We make sure that when you purchase one of our components, you have the peace of mind knowing that they will work properly to make sure hazardous waste and sludge are separated and disposed of properly. 

Browse our website to learn more about our clarifier skimmers or Contact Us for a quote.