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The health and usability of water is very important, and unfortunately, most people often have no control over the particles and sediments that may eventually enter their water supply. The actual usability of water varies depending on the area where it travels through. You can’t always rely on chance and sheer luck that the water you receive will be safe. You need to take action. 

At AshtonTucker, we want to make sure the water you receive is safe to use. We offer a range of clarifiers and thickners that treat water and make sure foreign sediments are removed and sludge disposed of properly. 

The purpose of the retrofit clarifier is actually pretty simple. It’s essentially a large settling tank that continuously removes solid particles or suspended solids deposited by sedimentation that will eventually undergo clarification or thickening. Circular clarifiers  are the most common and are often used in industrial and mining applications to make sure the water isn’t contaminated by toxic waste or acid mine drainage. 

Without these settling tanks, water gets polluted and may eventually get into underground aquifers, damaging the environment and contaminating the primary source of water for many people. 

At AshtonTucker, we provide a complete range of clarifier parts and components, such as skimmers, squeegees, and seals. We only supply high quality, AGMA-rated parts to ensure the success of the clarification and thickening process, and that foreign particles and dangerous wastes are disposed of properly. Contact us today or browse through the rest of our website for more information on the equipment we provide.