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During the clarification part of the water treatment process, suspended solids are physically separated from water and disposed of as sludge or slurry. Although this may seem like the end for them, the process that comes after is a lot more complicated.

In a Return Activated Sludge (RAS) process, it is vital to rapidly remove the sludge from the bottom of the clarifier, without diluting it considerably.  Having an adjustable return sludge valves, that offer the operator visibility of the returning sludge is key to the process.


This makes sludge, which is already difficult to control, manageable. This reduces pumping costs and increases efficiency.


At AshtonTucker, we supply a range of return sludge valves that are more efficient in controlling the movement of sludge through the pumps. Unlike traditional valves, these are specially designed to handle organic and inorganic compounds as they make their way through the various phases of the treatment process.


The return sludge valve that we supply is professionally designed and made of high-quality materials that are more resistant to the corrosive effects of sludge and slurries. Additionally, the valve itself does not create obstructions or restriction lines. This means the sludge and any biorganic matter moves through the pumping system quickly and efficiently.


If you want to learn more about how a return sludge valve can benefit your water treatment facility, please don’t hesitate to contact us.