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The safety and usability of your water is very important. We don’t exactly have control over what kind of microbes or particles enter our water supply, let alone know where it passes through on the way to our tap. 

At AshtonTucker, we supply a variety of standard filter underdrain and custom fabricated plastic piping systems to ensure the safety and usability of water. Our custom fabricated plastic underdrain systems are arguably the most popular for a number of reasons. 

Unlike metal piping, plastic doesn’t rust and offers more resistance to chemical attack. It is lightweight and can easily adapt to the earth’s movements. Because water encounters less friction traveling through plastic pipes compared to their metalic counterparts, you also save energy conveying water. 

Additionally, sediments do not attach to plastic piping that easily. The main purpose of the filter underdrain is to retain the filter media that traps any leftover particles and sediments that may have survived the clarification and thickening process. 

Finally, it’s lightweight, and coupled with its smoother surface, means maintaining the piping and filter underdrain is relatively easy. - The custom fabricated systems provide an ideal solution to the media retention problem associated with granular media. 

Whichever filter underdrain system you choose, AshtonTucker makes sure that what you get are high-quality products that ensure the safety and usability of the water you use. Contact us today for more information about our products.