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At AshtonTucker, we understand how important it is to ensure the safety and usability of the water that goes into your tap. Equally important, however, is securing high quality equipment that makes the entire water treatment process possible. Unfortunately, most people don’t tend to make this a priority, mostly due to how expensive water treatment units and their respective apparatuses are. 

Our conventional gravity filter is a cost-effective solution to make sure the water that goes in your tap is safe to use and drink. As their name suggests, these filtration units rely on the pull of gravity to create pressure and down flow that pulls the water through the filter, removing solids and other potentially harmful particles. 

The conventional gravity filter usually has support bed tiers made of concrete or steel, with the filter media becoming more fine as the water makes its way to the bottom of the vessel. Unlike other filtration systems, they rely solely on gravity; this means you can save money on electricity that you would otherwise use to power the filtration unit. 

These filtration systems are ideal for those looking for a more cost-effective way to ensure the safety and drinkability of their water without spending too much on the actual unit and the operating costs. 

When you purchase a conventional gravity filter from us, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they are professionally designed for your application. Its underdrain system is also specifically designed to ensure uniform collection of filtered water, as well as distribution of backwash water. 

Call us today to receive a quote or learn more about our filtration systems.