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OEM and Retrofit Cage Drive Units

Model: 10226

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Product Details

Cage Drive Units are used in pier mounted applications.   AshtonTucker provides direct "bolt-in" replacement drive units for many manufacturers.  It is often less expensive, and always faster to change out a new drive instead of rebuilding an old one.

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The drive unit shall be designed for the torque values listed in the table below.  It shall turn the mechanism at the design tip speed when operating at 60 Hz.  The drive unit shall be capable of producing and withstanding the listed momentary peak torque while starting.  To ensure the safety and ease of maintenance, all components of the drive train shall be directly coupled without the use of chains or sprockets.

The drive unit shall consist of a gear motor, a secondary speed reducer, a support base, an integral gear/bearing and pinion.   The fabricated steel base shall be made from minimum A36 steel, and welded using E70XX weld material.  The drive shall be capable of supporting the mechanism by use of a main turntable bearing within the drive unit.  The drive unit shall be capable of withstanding the listed overturning moment without the use of guide bearings or underwater guides.  All speed reducers shall be oil lubricated, and fully enclosed.  The main turntable gear/bearing is also oil lubricated with easily accessed lubrication points and sight glass.

Speed reducers shall be helical, or planetary, and shall be sized for continuous operation at the design torque listed.  

The main ring gear is forged from alloy steel and hardened to 285-321 BHN.  The main gear also forms a locked raceway bearing that is used to support the mechanism.   This bearing typically has an L-10 life in excess of 100 years.  The pinion is made from 8620 material and case hardened to  55-60 Rc.

Overload protection is provided in a weatherproof enclosure and is mechanically actuated by the torque on the drive train.  Two independently adjustable switches provide for an alarm, and a cutout (shutdown) of the motor.  The switches are factory adjusted.    The overload protection also provides visual load indication.


Continuous (Design) Torque- 100%

50,000 Nm (38600 ft-lbf  )

Momentary Torque

100,000 Nm

Overturning Moment Capacity

305,750 ft-lbf [

Speed at 60 Hz

0.017 RPM

Alarm Torque Percentage


Cutout Torque Percentage


Power 230/460 VAC 3 Phase

0.25 kW [0.33 HP]