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AshtonTucker Drive units for clarifiers and thickeners are designed for the harsh conditions often found in mining applications.  This robust design translates into superior longevity for wastewater, and municipal water applications.

At AshtonTucker, we provide a complete range of retrofit drive units for clarifiers, as well as thickeners for water, wastewater, and a myriad of mining applications. We understand how important it is to get safe and useable water, particularly in environments where there is a higher chance of microbes and other foreign particles contaminating the water supply. 

AshtonTucker clarifier drive units are AGMA-rated gearing and are built with precision bearings to ensure the safety and usability of water during the entire treatment process. 

Many people tend to overlook how important the smaller parts and components of the water treatment unit are, particularly the thickeners and the clarifier drive. They are actually among the crucial components in the entire treatment process, as the clarifiers, thickeners, and the alternative drive units are the ones that actually provide the rotational force that turns the rake arms within a circular basin.  

Without these seemingly unimportant parts, the entire treatment and disposal part of the water treatment process would not actually work. That means the water that comes out of the unit may not be exactly clean or usable. 

At AshtonTucker, we know that each component of the water treatment unit is important. That is why we only supply high quality and AGMA-rated gearing to make sure the water is fully treated and free from potentially dangerous microbes and foreign particles.