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Why Water Filters Are Beneficial | AshtonTucker

Why Water Filters Are Beneficial 

Both in the home and within larger commercial institutions, providing safe and clean drinking water is an absolute must. Contaminated water can be one of the first sources and spreaders of disease and infection, and in these modern times with all the technology available to us as a society, it’s everyone’s right to have clean water to drink without worrying about possible complications.

One of the simplest technologies to aid in a clean water supply is water filtration. At AshtonTucker, we offer filter underdrains and other related products among our other water processing equipment. How can your home or your business benefit from a water filter? Let’s take a look.

Clean and Rich in Minerals

A good water filter will remove all the contaminants you don’t want from your drinking water, and it will do so without removing the good minerals your body needs which naturally occur in water. Unlike certain other types of water processing equipment which use distillation or other more complex purification methods, most filters can accomplish most of the same goals using simple gravity and physics.


Most water filters, both in-home and for commercial use, are very easy to install and even easier to use. In the home, they eliminate the need for water bottles or delivery services, and in the professional environment, they mean no one has to stock the office with gigantic jugs of water every couple weeks.


The majority of water filters are extremely cost-effective, especially relative to other purification systems or even bottled and tap water. Studies have shown that you might pay anywhere from five to ten times as much per gallon for bottled water than for a good filter.


When you purchase a water filter for your home or business, you know exactly what you’re getting. You can be aware of exact chemical levels in your water, and many filtration systems even allow you to adjust your preferences.

Want to learn more, or interested in any other element of our water treatment equipment or services? Our friendly AshtonTucker staff is standing by. 


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