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Water Treatment Mistakes to Avoid | AshtonTucker

Water Treatment Mistakes to Avoid


If your facility is in need of new water treatment equipment, it’s a process you as a manager need to be thoroughly involved with. At AshtonTucker, our experts will help you identify, procure and install the optimal water processing equipment for your business.

Because this is a very specific field, there are certain important considerations that often get passed over during installation or selection of a new treatment system. Here are a few vital areas to keep in mind while you’re looking for your new system.

Incoming Water Supply

Before equipment specifications can be prepared correctly, the incoming water supply needs to be properly defined. You need to be taking multiple samples at different times of year, and under varying operating conditions. Check for the temperature of the water, as well as the total suspended solids. If you can test for SDI on each sample, all the better. The more information you have about the incoming water supply, the more precisely we can fit you with the perfect system.

Not Being Involved

Our experts are as knowledgeable as they come, but within the water processing field, every plant is different. We’ll still need on-site expertise to determine the perfect system and installation for you – everything from engineering to operations staff may be of assistance. Make sure these staff are informed and involved during the commissioning and installation process.

Pump Issues

Feed pumps are both an expensive and vital area within water filtration. This is an area where you should be making assumptions based on the coldest possible water temperature your system may deal with, so there are no issues down the line. Make sure the pump in your system is sufficient for the required feed flow.

Poor Integration

If you’re planning to retain elements of an older system, you’ll need to spend time thinking about maximizing these elements alongside your newer ones. Will there be two different control panels, or a single interface? What protection will be put in place to keep non-compatible elements from damaging each other? There are cases where integrating like this will cost you extra money and make very little sense, so speak to our experts before you finalize any decisions here.

Poor Management

Our staff is highly trained to help you with everything from installation to maintenance, but this doesn’t mean you can simply neglect your system when we aren’t around. Modern water treatment systems need trained operations staff to keep them running properly. Systems will wear down more quickly and work less optimally if staff isn’t adequately trained.

For more information on any element of our water treatment equipment or services, speak to the experts at AshtonTucker today. 


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