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water Treatment Control


The Problem


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints runs a humanitarian relief facility where they bottle and process food for those in need.   As part of this process, the wash water and some of the process water is sent to the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), also known as the city sewer system.   The POTW puts strict guidelines on the water that is sent to them in order to maintain their process and provide stability by avoiding surges of water with drastically different process properties.   Additionally, they charge those that discharge into their system based on the amount of flow that is sent to them.   Recently, there had been several periods where the LDS Church was sending water that was not within the pH specifications required by the POTW.   This resulted in fines for being out of compliance.  The system did not have a way to determine how much flow was actually being sent to the POTW, so it was based on the worst case scenario.


The Solution provided the turnkey solution for the project.   All permits, Site work, concrete, electrical work, plumbing, new fencing and project oversight were all provide by

By moving the chemical addition closer to the pH adjustment tanks, the response time improved and the process was much more controllable. By using a specially designed building as the control room, and pH adjustment skid, the need for separate chemical containment was eliminated, providing more usable space in the process facility.

The automation and controls resulted in a much more stable process.  Not only have there been no permit violations, but the actual chemical use has been reduced dramatically.  The controls even email the operators the information needed for their report to the POTW.  These data allow for a less expensive permit since the flowrates can be verified and quantified.


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