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Signs and Options for Clarifier Skimmer Repairs | AshtonTucker

Signs and Options for Clarifier Skimmer Repairs 

For any water treatment facility, an item known as the clarifier skimmer is very important. The clarifier skimmer helps remove impurities from settling tanks, a vital task that helps define the success of the system.

At AshtonTucker, our clarifier skimmer solutions are the industry standard. We make sure all clarifier parts match up with your system, and will perfectly separate hazardous elements and dispose of them.

There are certain occasions where skimmers can become worn out over time, and may require maintenance or repairs. Let’s look at some of the common signs of this, and what your options are.

Warning Signs

There are a few telltale warning signs that might help indicate your clarifier is wearing down or broken. Failing paint or exposed metal are among the first – these visual cracks can take place with enough water contact over time. Skimmer arms may also run out of plane, and in these cases they’ll begin to miss floating solids on the clarifier or hang up on the scum beach. Finally, low oil levels or water present in oil may signal a failed bearing or seal.

Functional Repair

If you’re starting to notice these warning signs, you’ll have a couple options for repairs. One is functional repair – this involves replacing or repairing certain clarifier parts but leaving others intact. The point is to keep the clarifier operational.

There can be risks to this format, however. Operating newer components alongside older ones can cause repaired components to wear down more quickly, which can create larger repair issues faster in the future.

Clarifier Rehabilitation

This is the term for most complete clarifier overhauls. The purpose here is to restore all parts of the clarifier to “like-new” condition. It will include blasting and coating all ferrous metal surfaces, replacing damaged metal and weirs/baffles, and reconditioning several surfaces. The clarifier drive mechanism will also be rebuilt, and the beach will be refurbished. Clarifier rehabilitation services typically last 20 years or more.

For more information on clarifier skimmers or any of our other water treatment services, speak to the experts at AshtonTucker today. 


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