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Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking Water Treatment

Groundwater Treatment

AshtonTucker offers a wide variety of equipment for groundwater treatment for potable use. Sometimes the goal is gas removal, or iron and manganese removal, color removal, or even softening.  Some wells under the direct influence of surface water may even require filtering. Let AshtonTucker be part of the solution.  We offer aeration, chemical addition, flash mixing, and filtering. 

Surface Water Treatment
AshtonTucker also offers surface water treatment for potable use.  Whether treating several million gallons a day for a municipality, or just a few hundred gallons for a private development, we have the right equipment for the job. Depending upon the raw water quality, flow rate, and operational preferences, we can provide conventional treatment systems, combination treatment units, package plants, high-rate processes, or even customized solutions.


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