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Differences Between Filtration and Purification | Ashton Tucker

Differences Between Filtration and Purification


More than one process exists for properly cleaning drinking water and removing all potentially harmful contaminants from it, and at Ashton Tucker, we’re here to help with all of them. Our water treatment equipment is designed to handle all areas of drinking and wastewater processing.

The terms used during some of these processes is vital for differentiating between them. Did you know, for instance, that water filtration and water purification are actually very different things? Let’s look at the basics of both, and when you might need them.

Water Filtration

Water filtration describes the process of cleaning water through a homemade filtration system, with chemicals or through a biological process. Water filtration is only focused on removing impurities like sand or living organisms from the water, and will be limited in its scope. Filtration systems might be either portable or permanent, and they’ll vary in size based on the amount of water that needs to be filtered.

Water that’s filtered through one of these systems may not be completely clear of all possible contaminants. There may still be chemicals and other viruses left behind, and these can continue to make water unsafe to drink until it’s gone through the purification process.

Water Purification

Purification is similar to filtration, but is a more complete process. It removes all impurities from the water, including biological contaminants, viruses, chemicals and other unseen materials. It’s generally done as a process involving chemicals like iodine or chlorine, which can do more to eliminate these contaminants than the basic filtration process. It is possible, however, that certain impurities may still be present after some kinds of purification.

When You Need Both

Anyone living off the grid or requiring full drinking capabilities will need both a filtration system and a purification system. This will ensure that water is clean and safe from any contaminants that can cause illness.

To find out more about how our water processing equipment can assist with both filtration and purification, speak to the experts at Ashton Tucker today. 


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