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Rebuild or New – Replacement Drive Units

When the option is rebuilding old equipment or buying new, consider the costs of each. The maintenance and scheduling worries associated with rebuilding your existing drive may lead to an AshtonTucker Retrofit Drive as the most cost-effective solution. Our experience in building new drives and rebuilding other manufacturers' strip liner type drives shows that the costs associated with each are comparable.  So why put lipstick on a pig, when brand-new is an affordable option.

With the infinite fabrication possibilities afforded from steel housings, AshtonTucker provides direct, bolt-in replacement drives for your old or failed drives.   A brand-new, full warranty AshtonTucker Retrofit Drive takes advantage of the same efficient components and quality manufacturing as our OEM drives, and provides your mechanism with the single best clarifier and thickener drives available.  A brand-new drive at a price that fits the budget.

The cost of the drive unit is only one consideration.   A decision to rebuild a drive means removing it from service, rebuilding it, and then returning it to service.   A better option is often to have an AshtonTucker Retrofit Drive unit on site, before removing the existing drive.   The new drive unit can often be replaced the same day the old drive unit is removed.  Then the primary clarifier or secondary clarifier is back in service.

Let the experts at AshtonTucker be part of the solution.  Get a quote today.




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