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A Great Year at AshtonTucker

Looking back on a great year

Its a new year, and at AshtonTucker could not be more excited. 2016 was the best year ever for us. We believe that it is in part due wide product offerings. With water treatment equipment ranging from Flocculators to Pressure Filters, and the associated chemical feed systems as well. Our retrofit clarifier drive program also made great strides as we continue to add to the models available. It is often less expensive to buy new than it is to rebuild a used drive.

Easy to Work With

The online purchasing approach for primary and secondary clarifier parts has taken off. Since we have parts for WesTech, Eimco, Dorr Oliver, and others, it is easy to see why plant operators work with us. With comments like “ your customer service is excellent” and “buying from you is so easy”, it is no wonder why more are using the e commerce portal. Once the project is in house, our execution team takes over.

Team Project Execution

AshtonTucker project management was an important factor this year, as it is every year. Customers love the weekly updates, and the fact that there are no surprises when the equipment arrives. We take the time to design the equipment, and we answer any water treatment questions that arise so the operators are at ease. The maintenance of the equipment has become easier too since we introduced the QR code on the equipment that links directly to Operations and Maintenance information.

Complete Systems

Our Turnkey team was active this year, taking on complete projects, so the customer didn’t worry about anything. By doing this, we become a partner in the solution and our remote monitoring of the equipment and process to give an added layer of confidence. We even can finance the project to fit within the fiscal constraints so many plants are experiencing.


We look forward to the new year, and hope we can help even more people clean the water that is to vital to us. We are also anxious for the new developments our team is busily preparing for launch this year.  


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